What if Switzerland were the gateway to the world?

Because Switzerland is not only that of the “Happy few” and large groups, Eric Maire proves to you how beneficial it can be for your company to develop in Switzerland.
Thanks to the technical and legal skills of our BizViz® Expert, border crossing becomes child’s play. With the Swiss label, you gain a rewarding image at the international level as well as a strategic positioning to develop your business worldwide.
No other country can allow you to do business with Asia in the morning and with America in the afternoon. Our expert integrates into his approach all the facets of your activity but also of your life project. Without fuss or palaver, Eric Maire helps companies do business in Switzerland, because a good idea deserves Swiss quality.

Globe-trotter from childhood, his world has no borders

Son of a Swiss watchmaker, Eric Maire left the Swiss regions at the age of 10 for Asia. Between Hong Kong and Singapore, he developed a curiosity for the cultures of the world very early on, which would guide his entire professional career. He returned to Switzerland eight years later to pursue engineering studies in mechanics and digital technology sciences at the dawn of the Internet and world wide web boom.
Technician certainly but above all commercial at heart, Eric travels the world for nine years to promote cutting-edge technologies.
In 1997, he decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship, creating his first IT company, with an international network and a solid knowledge of new technologies. It is by doing business around the world that our expert fully perceives the potential of his native Switzerland and decides to promote its opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs.

BizViz® Snapshot

I like real people with character. I like doing business with those who want to develop their projects, without cooing or subterfuge.