With BizViz®, you are media!

Experts, you have or are about to join the BizViz® platform and you are wondering: How can I promote myself through BizViz®?

Our goal is simple: Give Visibility to your Business with SMEs and companies to find new customers or why not business partners.

BizViz® provides you with a wide range of tools to improve your digital visibility: website, social networks, professional network and the TeamCom team whose role is to exploit your media potential.

How does all this work? We explain to you “the method to capture the audience”

Give visibility to your business.

Let’s go !

My promotion on BizViz®

When you join the BizViz® network, it is to highlight your activity and therefore You.

You become an Expert in your field and are recognized as such.

On the BizViz® site, you have your Profile page.

A photo of course, an introduction to your activity, your skills and achievements and your contact details (if you wish, we can activate a service or training on an additional page).

If you wish, the BizViz® editor following an interview, which aims to introduce you to the SME by highlighting the human aspect, will write your life course and Expert(s).

Joining the BizViz® community means choosing to share certain values, with a smile on top of that!

Submit a photo for your profile, some tips for doing well 

For the drafting of your profile, if necessary we accompany you

Gaining visibility also goes through video.

Publish your videos, images, sound, with or without text, all media are good to promote the Expert that you are. This content, once posted on the site, is shared on social networks.

BizViz® is present on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and is developing a growing audience among SMEs.

Vincent Paterne, is at your disposal for filming sessions if you wish to give your activity a spotlight. In no time at all, you have attractive professional communication media.

Profile of Expert
Expert meeting
Experts in action

Become an actor in its promotion

All Experts have a professional network that they can pool for the benefit of all.

By integrating BizViz®, you open a door not only to new customers but also to possible business partnerships. Beautiful projects are under construction within the BizViz® network, born from the meeting of proactive and motivated Experts.

On social networks, do not hesitate to like, comment and above all share the content put forward by BizViz®.

Whether it’s yours, or those of other Experts, a simple click thanks to the magic of the algorithm gives visibility to the entire network.

Getting people talking about BizViz® is getting people talking about you!

Promoting yourself is not easy. BizViz® provides you with quality tools to communicate. By generating regular news, the BizViz® community allows you to stay visible on the web with minimal effort.

Talking about yourself becomes easy with BizViz®


Become an actor of your promotion



Become an actor of your promotion



Become an actor of your promotion



Become an actor of your promotion


Create your news: Simply express yourself!

If BizViz® publishes regular news, it is thanks to you.

Today BizViz® presents you, tomorrow we offer you the opportunity to promote your expertise.

Creating news is easy with the help of TeamCom.

To talk about a subject of your choice, why not use the services of BizViz® for an effective and impactful video. Filmed interview or motion design, a few minutes of images to discuss a subject that interests you and which, above all, will interest your customers.

Also remember to publish an article on the site’s news blog, in connection with your Profile. On the subject of your choice, create useful content for your target.

You are specialists in your field. Independently or assisted by our editor, you transmit clear and reliable information to SMEs and business leaders who will subsequently call on you.

You demonstrate your expertise while remaining accessible to your future customers.


Publish your articles



Submit your courses



Offer your services


Best of Media: The Live

BizViz® offers you the opportunity to make yourself known through the best of media: Live!

With the catch ups, you meet SMEs looking for skills. Spend a friendly moment with future clients, what better way to get to know each other, identify their needs and showcase your expertise?

With BizViz® meet ups, you meet other experts who, like you, are thirsty for discovery and new motivating projects. Find all the BizViz® events on the site’s calendar and never miss a single opportunity to make great professional encounters.

BizViz®, tools and supports to make you known.

BizViz®, increased visibility just a click away.

BizViz®, help you promote your business thanks to a team of communication professionals and a dynamic network.

We are waiting for you on the Events Calendar


Create, co-organize or participate!

Calendar Events

You are media! Use the BizViz® platform and its tools to promote yourself and your services. Let SMEs know, by telling them a story, how you will benefit them.

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Laurent Briffaz, CEO