You evolve as a freelancer, as a manager or as a business executive.You know your subject and you could talk about it for hours.

That’s good ! We want to promote you and make your services known to SMEs.

All of our clients say they need new benchmarks in professional fields that are essential to their activities!
If you master one of these subjects and are sensitive to our philosophy, it is surely the right time for you to join our community of Experts and Experts serving SMEs.
James the data alchemist, Eric the governance specialist or Jacques whose image helps to make himself known are independent and autonomous Experts. They favor service as a channel of expression and have joined the BizViz® network.
They want to meet other specialists, be part of a dynamic and multidisciplinary community and use a promotion platform capable of capturing and attracting a larger audience.
The first step will be to create your profile and illustrate it.

To join us, contact Laurent

He will introduce you to the BizViz® Universe, answer your questions and, who knows, guide you in formalizing a new cooperation.

You are media ! Use the BizViz® platform and its tools to promote yourself and your services. Let SMEs know, by telling them a story, how you will benefit them.


Laurent Briffaz, CEO