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It was first as a Life and Business coach that BizViz® met Stéphan. We immediately recognized in him the human values that are the foundations of our network. Empathy, a sense of ethics and a thirst for discovery make him an entrepreneur such as BizViz® loves them: Stephan the adventurer is both a specialist in his fields of expertise (Tailor-made Coaching, Nova Profile,
Change Management) and a generalist in 1000 other subjects.
Know-how and interpersonal skills make him a personal development coach in whom we trust. But Stephan has many other qualities that BizViz® wanted to put at your service. The many successes of his career undeniably testify to his ability to see further and to imagine solutions. His vision and his analysis guide him in the design of new Business Models, which have also put more than one company back on track for competitiveness.
It is this ability to identify human and financial issues, to support change in the context of corporate restructuring that naturally led our Expert to take part in the Clarisse adventure. Stephan therefore now provides several caquettes at the heart of our activities. You can discover them in the panel of its services.
His life course in itself is a strong message, illustrating the typical profile of the BizViz® entrepreneur. For the record, a professional travel obligation one day pushed him out of his comfort zone and the trigger was born. Since then, he has lived in 5 different countries and is constantly learning and meeting others. He who dreamed of being a chartered accountant and never
imagined his life anywhere other than Geneva, today has a suitcase always ready to take on a new challenge. Stephan knew how to transform the ordeal into an opportunity and he savors the results every day.
With our Expert, we invite you to DARE. BizViz® saw in him the ideal guide to accompany you towards change. He has our trust, give him yours!

From one success to another, pleasure in action

Originally from the canton of Geneva, Stephan first thought of becoming a chartered accountant and trained at the Business School of Malagnou and Ifage. After starting his career in real estate, he joined DBM (currently LHH), which specializes in career transition support. Accountant for 12 subsidiaries in Switzerland, then Financial and HR Director, he then held the position of CFO Europe when the company was taken over by an investment fund. His creativity and economic intelligence were noticed by the Board of Directors, which then appointed him to the position of CEO for Switzerland and France.
Our Expert has trained as an HR manager and consultant. He is also certified in coaching and NLP. He accompanies several senior executives from multiple companies in their transitions or career development by creating tailor-made programs. He also specializes in the restructuring and reorganization of SMEs.
After 20 years at DBM and having traveled all over Switzerland, France, Belgium, a bit of England and Holland, Stephan created a first structure, SFB Perspectives, which offers support services to people made redundant or in breach social, in connection with therapists.
Some time later, the RATP DEV group asked him to restructure their subsidiaries in Switzerland. The project is interesting and Stephan is embarking on this new adventure as CEO of Ratp Dev Switzerland. The 3 subsidiaries to be restructured are on the verge of bankruptcy and the management is non-existent. The restructuring is carried out in 1 year, without dismissal. 4 years later, these subsidiaries are the flagship of public and tourist transport in Romandie. RATP DEV then offered to repeat the operation for their New York subsidiary.
Working in New York, who wouldn’t? In any case, not Stephan. He packs his suitcase and takes his youngest son with him to conquer the “Big Apple”. 2 years later, the job was successfully completed and Stephan returned to Switzerland to take up the position of Director of the Switzerland, Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne Regions.
But our Expert feels that individual coaching reminds us of this. Helping people is part of his DNA. He accompanies young people in difficulty, prepares them mentally to take exams. He helps people to identify and free themselves from their blockages, provides them with active, sincere listening and works with them to achieve their goals.
Always creative, Stephan then imagines another coaching model, or rather the elimination of the model. His multiple experiences around the world, in various environments, lead him to this simple observation: Each person is unique, each person creates their own model. It is therefore up to his method to adapt to you and not the other way around. To better understand you and accompany you on the subjects that affect you.
Stephan is now 52 years old. He is the proud father of 2 already adult boys and grandfather of 2 adorable little girls. When he is not in a Zoom session with a client, he is in Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich or Thurgau. It is true that Stephan remains an adventurer, light years away from his dream of chartered accountancy, fortunately 🙂

The BizViz® wink

“every person is unique, therefore each person creates their own model”