SME DATA to save the world (of the Company) / balance economic forces

In a world where you can build an empire of several billion dollars from computer data collected for free (note: Facebook and GAFA in general), the awareness of their digital value by SMEs is an essential issue for the future economic equilibrium. The assets of your company’s balance sheet can thus increase significantly, which could change the situation at the time of a sale or partnership negotiation.
It is not just a question of talking about the necessary digitization of your activity to adapt to the world around us. The valuation of your data is above all a valuation of your intangible heritage. Our Expert helps you become aware of this new resource to be exploited. Technology will never supplant humans, but it can allow them to better use their energy. A solution adapted to your company exists, James Nauffray puts in place the necessary tools to turn the vein into a deposit.
As SME managers, you represent the human level of the economic world. By learning to use your data to its full potential, you work for the balance of power in a sector that soon became dominated by behemoths. The DATA economy continues to expand by more than 30% per year. Our Expert allows you to collect data that is secure, reliable and compliant with legislation so that you don’t miss out on your true value.
Do not wait any longer to become aware of the potential of your data and let our Expert carry out the digital transmutation of your company.

The rise of a digital pioneer

James Nauffray could have had a career on the football pitch, but he traded his cleats for a computer keyboard without regret. To better learn from reality, this workaholic has long sacrificed his hours of sleep to carry out his training, his first professional experiences at the time of the rise of computers and his sports activities. He starts at the bottom of the ladder by cutting punched strips and quickly climbs the ladder to explore all the digital professions.
An actor in the early days of microcomputing, he was then in charge of systems and network management, to become a few years later an analyst-programmer who brilliantly handled the mysteries of computer coding. James is a jack-of-all-trades who never stops questioning his achievements to always go further. Inspired by the maxim of another sportsman (note Pierre Lavoie) “It is in discomfort that one becomes creative”, James Nauffray has become a major player in digital for more than 20 years.
Our expert helps companies to completely (re)think their IT architecture and develop solutions adapted to their problems. Although he first did it within the world’s largest centers of digital expertise and for large groups such as Temenos (world leader in the banking sector) or HP, he has been working on his own account for about ten years. at the head of internationally recognized companies obtaining the honors of the digital sector. His company Crossing Tech was selected among the 100 most innovative companies in the world (2012) and was named Cool Vendors by Gartner in 2013.

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My leitmotif: “I never lose. Either I win or I learn” Nelson Mandela