Promoting its human values

The training needs of a company are vast and different from one company to another as much by the sector of activity as by the individuals who compose it or the internal organization put in place. The training proposal must therefore be adapted to each particular situation to best meet the expectations of SMEs.
Our Expert is committed to meeting your needs and being useful to you. The Ingesco Institute first of all offers you a wide range of training courses listed in its catalog. These trainings are carried out in small groups, 12 people maximum, in order to ensure better supervision and to leave ample room for the exchange and sharing of individual experiences.
Our Expert also offers you the possibility of à la carte training or even in-situ coaching. Giving a privileged place to the customer relationship, Schéhérazade Seraoui Loetscher and her team build for you a tailor-made training program to increase your employees’ skills but also to stimulate collective intelligence.
Business manager, you too may need to take stock of your career and your wishes for professional development. Why not start personalized career management coaching? Because two heads are better than one, the answer to your questions is within reach of this hand held out by Scheherazade.
To lead your team and your company on the path to success, think of the training solution, think of Schéhérazade Seraoui Loetscher and l’Institut Ingesco.

Follow his heart

Scheherazade is a multifaceted woman, open to others and their differences. Her whole education reflects a mixture of cultures that she claims by a Swiss nationality tinged with Mediterranean culture. She defends human values of tolerance and sharing in both her personal and professional life. Loving contrasts, it is also in reaction to a rather “intellectual” family model that she builds her own path. To live her life “really”, she left school at a very young age to take an apprenticeship as a building designer. She landed her first job with a touch of audacity, the anecdote of which she will gladly share with you.
The desire to learn pushes Scheherazade to go back “to school” by obtaining a scientific maturity in evening classes, which allows the passionate scuba diver she has been since she was 15 to access at the University of Geneva and obtain his license in biology. At the same time, she ensures her financial independence through various jobs related to accounting. Scheherazade then finds herself faced with a dilemma: leave everything to pursue a doctorate in tropical biology in Paraguay or join the Ingesco training institute, where her potential was spotted during an accounting training. Our Expert chooses to stay in Switzerland and then leads a fiduciary career and a training activity. She will subsequently obtain her certificate as a fiduciary agent and then that of an adult trainer.
In 2009, as the takeover of Ingesco was looming, Schéhérazade decided to create her own fiduciary, in order to be able to manage her dual activity as she saw fit. Since then, our Expert has been at the head of two companies in which she has implemented the principles of collaborative management.

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“My motto: Alone we go fast, together we go far. »