The experience of large groups applied to entrepreneurship

Our Expert recognized in Clarisse a unique tool to meet, among other things, the needs of SMEs. Structuring of the company’s internal Data, organization and efficiency, Data Security, protection of personal data, collaborative work, there are many crucial issues, essential in the development of your company.
Olivier’s role in this adventure is to enable the Clarisse solution to support as many SMEs and companies as possible in Europe and around the world. France, Switzerland, Canada, he is in charge of structuring a network of partners which will allow you to have easy access to the Clarisse tool according to your internal problems.
Between monitoring, analysis and strategy, our Expert does not claim to be an IT development ace (R&D is Alexandre!). Olivier is a solution provider. A fine connoisseur of business issues, he knows how to recognize the needs to be satisfied and highlights all of Clarisse’s potential to meet them.
Unless you are a distributor of IT solutions, you may not cross paths with Olivier directly. However, if Clarisse ever changes the way you structure your business, it will surely be thanks to him.

New challenges against boredom

Alsace holds a special place in Olivier’s heart. This is where he was born, this is where he has his roots, this is where he made his home. But for Olivier, Alsace is also an open door to Europe. Multiculturalism in the border area, Strasbourg, a mecca for European institutions… After his HEC preparation and his business school diploma, working internationally was a natural dynamic, driven as much by his thirst for discovery as by his quest for excellence. Olivier Weissbeck is not a man of routine. As in sport, which he has practiced diligently since childhood, life is about challenges and surpassing oneself.
First a financial auditor, he observes with interest various organizational systems in companies of different sizes and nationalities. Our Expert, even if he does not like the title, then built most of his career in large groups in the automotive sector. When he joined Daimler, it was the start of the SMART adventure. From these 3 years, he retains the exciting challenges related to the construction of factories, the launch of the brand and managerial innovation. The difficulties are for him learning phases, and the insurance to avoid boredom. It was then within the Michelin Group that Olivier made his ascent. Always focusing on collaboration, he supervises teams and financial flows with as much efficiency as success. He has a real vision of the company which led him to become Vice-President Northern Europe, in charge of finance for all Michelin entities in this territory.
Maintaining the balance of forces, ensuring the viability of exchanges for sustainable development, but above all collaborating with professionals with varied skills, this is what guides Olivier in his choices. His long investment in a local associative structure and the family project of the Domaine du Vignau confirm the central place of the Human being at the heart of his motivations.
This one who does not want to have any regrets today puts his strategic skills at the service of the Clarisse entrepreneurial adventure. His meeting with Alexandre Guinjard is also the result of the approach carried out by BizViz®. Our experts collaborate to offer you the best.