The applications for IP securitization are infinite

They cover a multitude of different markets, legal forms and industries.

The only requirement is having definable registered rights associated with the IP to be securitized.

The most obvious and immediate applications include the creative fields involving copyright, such as movies, music and publishing, and industrial fields where patents are prevalent, such as pharmaceuticals and technology.

This new IP securitization process can be expanded to almost any industry, and its application is not limited simply to patents, trademarks and copyrights. It can also be applied to all types of intellectual property no matter how esoteric, such as plant hybridization, semi-conductor topologies and others. The applications and related opportunities for growth are endless.

Why IPSE ?

IPSE is the only company in the world that has the ability to arrange the issuance of IP Securities and provide related services to creators, owners and operators of intellectual property.

Its exclusive lifetime-of-the-patent license enables IPSE to: securitize any Intellectual Property in the form of IP Securities, arrange the financing of IP on public markets by listing them on NASDAQ, create secondary market transparency and liquidity through the brokerage and trading of IP Securities on NASDAQ, and license the IP securitization process to third parties for the development of asset securitization beyond IP.

Key stages

The key stages of IP Securities issuance:

  1. defining and verifying the IP to be securitized,
  2. initiating securitization process by which,
  3. the IP owners issue IP securities,
  4. Where they can be traded openly on NASDAQ,
  5. And their initial public offering delivers funds, raised from investors, to the issuer.
  6. Those funds can then be applied in accordance with the IP securities’ offering documents.

And the investors receive in return the benefits of fractional income and/or ownership also defined in the offering documents

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