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For the writing of your profile, hover over Philippe, Anca or Scheherazade’s profile, you will be inspired.

You can change your profile at any time, consider offering images in your photo gallery or videos that embody your services or highlight you.

Don’t they say that a picture is worth ten thousand words!

Remember the goal of BizViz® is to promote Experts, their skills and their services to SMEs.

Submit a photo for your profile, here are some tips for doing it well.

Use a tripod to stay still

When you have your eye in your camera, think about framing.

Imagine a hat on the head, frame below the pectorals, the face centered and from the front, regardless of the inclination of the body

Go back to a light background (ripe white, creamy white is fine)

Avoid shadows, plan to take your photo with good light

Save the photo file in image/jpeg format

Don’t forget to smile, it’s our credo!

BizViz® is visibility in business, with an added smile!

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